How to Best Hide Cords and Other Tips from Our TV Mounting in Los Angeles

Handy Squad 04/18/22
TV Mounting in Los Angeles

Did you just buy the television of your dreams and are wondering how to set it up? Do you want everything to be perfect so that you can enjoy your TV in style? The best TV, set up in your home – it’s like a dream. One of the few things that can make it…

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Mistakes Folks Make When They Try Their Own TV Mounting

Handy Squad 04/11/22
TV Mounting

Are you considering doing your TV mounting? Have you thought about mounting your television and asked: “how hard could it be?” The truth is that there’s so, so much more to mounting a television than simply standing it upright and plugging it in. Over the years, our mounting service has helped so many to enjoy…

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How Drywall Repair Touchup Experts Can Help

Handy Squad 03/17/22
Drywall Repair

Do you have small-to-medium-sized damage to your drywall? Did one of your kids or a pet bump into it, or did a doorknob slam into the wall? Those are just some of the problems that our drywall repair can help with. Here at the HandySquad, we now offer drywall services that can touch up those…

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Beyond TV Mounting in Los Angeles: Making the Right Connections

Handy Squad 03/10/22
TV Mounting in Los Angeles

Are you looking forward to watching TV in your new place, but are worried about all of the wires? Do you know what you want to watch but aren’t sure how to set everything up? Here at the HandySquad, we offer a TV mounting in Los Angeles. This is what it sounds like: we come…

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Why You Should Hire a Hoisting Service from Hoisting Professionals

Handy Squad 02/17/22
Hoisting Service

Do you have big pieces of furniture, like couches and loveseats, that you just aren’t sure how you’re going to be able to get into your new place? Are you concerned about how exactly you’ll carry your awesome flatscreen television or a huge headboard up several flights of stairs? If you go with the right…

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What Our Hoisting Service Can Do for You

Handy Squad 02/10/22
Hoisting Service

Have you been considering carrying large items into your property by yourself? Do you have large items, like couches and headboards, that you’re going to have to take into your new location? Trying to handle all of this by yourself can be tempting. You might think that you’re saving money. However, it can cost you…

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How Can a Furniture Assembly Service Help in Saving Time?

Handy Squad 01/17/22
Furniture Assembly Service

Are you remodeling your living room, bedroom, or entire house? If you are, make sure that you have planned everything. Perhaps, you have hired reliable painters in your area. How about the electricians? Check. Found the furniture you like? Check. The person to assemble the furniture? Well, you haven’t thought about that, have you? Most…

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Can a Handyman Assemble Your Furniture?

Handy Squad 01/10/22
Handyman Los Angeles

Hiring a handyman in Los Angeles to assemble your furniture is a wise idea, considering how complicated furniture assembly can be. When looking for a furniture assembly pro, make sure that you conduct an online search first. Then, compare the services of one pro to another. Look for Top-Rated Handyman in Los Angeles If you…

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Get Your Home Theater Setup With Handy Squad

Handy Squad 12/31/21
home theater setup and soundbar installations

Home Theater Setup and Sound Bar Installations Are you looking to put together a home theater but want it done right? Have you gotten a soundbar and aren’t sure exactly how to install it? You don’t have to try and do it yourself while following along with some online video, nor do you have to…

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New For 2022: Handy Squad Offers TV Mounting Services In Los Angeles

Handy Squad 12/24/21
TV Mounting Services

Did you recently buy a TV and don’t know how to mount it? Have you mounted a TV in the past (or tried to mount a TV in the past) and don’t want to have to go through all of that again? Here at Handy Squad, we’ve got your back. When you buy a great…

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