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home theater setup and soundbar installations

Home Theater Setup and Sound Bar Installations

Are you looking to put together a home theater but want it done right? Have you gotten a soundbar and aren’t sure exactly how to install it? You don’t have to try and do it yourself while following along with some online video, nor do you have to call up a “buddy who might know how to do this.” Instead, you can rely on the professionals for your home theater setup, soundbar, and surround speakers installations. While we provide many services at Handy Squad, these are two of our specialties. 

Home Theater Setup

You spent a lot of money on your home theater. So, you should be able to enjoy it at its apex, when it’s set up exactly right. That’s what we can provide. Our pros will come to your location and quickly, efficiently, install, connect, and configure your system. We’ve done this more times than we could ever hope to count on essentially any kind of home theater setup you can imagine. Now, we can put our experience to work for you and your system. Regardless of your home, apartment, office, or anything else, if you have a home theater that needs to be set up, we can do it right. 

Home Theater Setup

Soundbar Installations 

If you’ve recently purchased a soundbar, you know it isn’t cheap. However, a home theater without a properly functioning and installed soundbar isn’t going to seem very much like a theater at all. Our professionals can come to you and put your soundbar in right. That means finding the right location for it, setting it up properly, and connecting it to everything that it needs to be connected to. That way, in a short period of time, you’ll have a home theater that truly exemplifies the word “theater.” 

Why Choose Us 

Soundbars, speakers, or surround speakers, if it can be installed in your home theater, we’ve done it before and to its highest level. That said, we understand that every home theater is different. So, we craft our solutions to your specific circumstance. After all, we understand that this is your home theater. Thus, like all of our other work, we treat it as if it were our own home theater, so we can provide it with the level of detail and care that it deserves. We can come to your property, figure out the best way to go about the task at hand, and then work diligently as well as efficiently until the job is done right. 

Hire the Trusted Handy Squad for Your Important Work 

These are some of our most popular services but they are just a few of the services that are handy professionals offer. Many of the folks who call us for our home theater and soundbar installation also call us for the proper mounting of their TV, too. That way, they can get everything out of their electronics for a long time to come. To see all of the services that we offer and all of the ways that we can help you, head to our site or call (323) 516-1423.  

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