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Odd Jobs

img Do you need something done in your property that you just don’t feel equipped to do? Is there some job in your home that you keep putting off and never really want to get to? We can take care of all of those jobs for you. Our handyman team is just that: handy. If you go through our site, you’ll find the many, many different kinds of services we offer. However, those are all just a fraction of the services we can provide. The rest, the “odd jobs,” the ones that might be unique to your situation, are one more way that we’re qualified to help you.

Odd Job Examples Around the House

When people hear that we offer “odd jobs” services, often the first question is something like: “what are those?” It’s not always a good idea to answer a question with a question, but here it’s appropriate, as our answer is: “well, what do you need done?” The truth is that we can take care of just about any seemingly small but actually challenging task you might need to be done around your home or other kind of property. There’s no job too odd, nor is there one too small.

A Better, Safer Home

That’s what many of these so-called “jobs that are odd” are really about: making your home a better place to live. For example, many times, we help with doors within your house that are not entrance doors. We make sure that your doors close how and when they should. We take care of the handles, so that the doors can be easily opened as well as closed and locked. Making sure your doors are properly on their hinges (even if those are cupboard and closet doors) are some more examples of these jobs.

Hanging, Mounting, Fitting, Fixing, and More

If you have a large, heavy item that needs hanging up on your wall in a safe and secure way, we handle those too. This includes shelves, mirrors, paintings, picture frames, and office boards.
A lot of the jobs that are listed here are those that our other headings just don’t cover. For example, we can help with baby gates, gates on the stairs, your shower curtains/screens, and so forth. It’s important to note that these “jobs” don’t just cover fixing what’s already there. Sometimes, the best “fix” for a part is to replace it. Thus, we can do that with your door parts, the handles on your cabinets, knobs, tiles, and so much more. If you don’t want to do it, we can probably take care of it.

Jobs That Aren’t So Odd, Too

When referring to these jobs that are “odd,” often the truth is that “odd” could be a synonym for “small.” Of course, there’s nothing “small” about the impact (having a door that works just as you would like is no small thing inside a home, for instance). However, we also offer plenty of services that are “big,” too. Hoisting, mounting, installing, and more – if you need someone handy around your property, our professionals are always more than ready to help. You can click on our site for a free estimate or you can reach us at
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