Furniture Assembling Service

Some of the Furniture We Assemble

Did you get a piece of furniture that you don’t want to assemble (or pieces of furniture?” Are there pieces of furniture right now in your home that are just sitting there in pieces? You don’t have to live with that anymore. Our professional furniture assembling handymen can make your furniture truly yours. They can put them together quickly, safely, securely, and efficiently. You can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your furniture has been assembled by the pros, exactly how you would want. At Handy Squad LA, we’ve assembled just about any piece of furniture you can imagine. In an area like Southern California, we’ve handled practically all the kinds of furniture there have ever been. That said, much of what we do is IKEA, Mamas & Papas, and names of that nature. If you’ve purchased those kinds of furniture, we can put it together how you want. That said, we help with far more furniture than just those names. If you have furniture pieces, odds are we can assemble them how you would like.

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Furniture Solutions for Your Home, Office, and More

It’s important to note that, while many of the services we provide are for homes, that’s far from all that we offer. Sure, we’ve put together so many bedrooms, living rooms, dressers, and the like. However, we’ve also handled so many office desks, workstations, cubicles, and everything else that makes an office the kind of place that professionals can get their jobs done. If you have a location that needs furniture assembled for it, we can make it so that your furniture is assembled right.

What You Can Expect from Our Furniture Assembling

In a word, professionalism. Our handymen are true professionals. We know how important your furniture is to you. Moreover, we know what a responsibility it is to be able to come into your property, handle your furniture, and assemble it properly. We take that responsibility very seriously. To that end, we assemble your furniture as if it were our own, every time. Additionally, we understand that, in an area like Southern California, you certainly have plenty of options when it comes to having folks assemble your furniture. So, we always make sure to offer our services at reasonable rates, to ensure that more people can get the furniture assembly services they need.

Beyond the Assembling of Your Furniture

For your furniture to be assembled, of course, first you have to get it into your property. We can help with that part of it, too. With our packing and unpacking services, we can move anything into your property you need moved. That can also include our hoisting services as well, as there are some items that are too big (and perhaps too precious) to come in through the front door. To see how our services can meet your needs, you can click for a free estimate or call us at (323) 516-1423.

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