New For 2022: Handy Squad Offers TV Mounting Services In Los Angeles

TV Mounting Services

Did you recently buy a TV and don’t know how to mount it? Have you mounted a TV in the past (or tried to mount a TV in the past) and don’t want to have to go through all of that again? Here at Handy Squad, we’ve got your back. When you buy a great television, you should be able to enjoy that television. You shouldn’t have to worry about how it’s going to be mounted, everything that goes into mounting it, and so forth. There are plenty of reasons to trust Handy Squad as LA’s top team for TV mounting services. 

Enjoying Your TV 

If you’ve ever seen an improperly mounted TV in someone’s home, you tend not to forget it. Maybe it’s an angle that’s ever so slightly not straight. Or, alternatively, perhaps it’s at the wrong height, thus lessening (if not ruining) the entire viewing experience. So many times, this doesn’t occur because someone wanted to do a bad job or anything of that nature. Rather, they started mounting it themselves, got it up on the wall, saw it wasn’t perfect, and just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. That doesn’t happen with us. We always make sure to mount your TV at the right height and at a perfectly flat angle every time. 

TV Mounting Services

Safe for Your TV, Safe for Your Home 

TV mounting is delicate, careful work. There’s so much that goes into it and essentially everything involved is fragile. To that end, we use the best methods as well as tools and tech to mount your TV safely, properly, and efficiently. Today’s TVs are technological marvels, but they tend not to be very sturdy, so they must be mounted with a delicate touch. Moreover, TV mounting does involve your wall – so our professionals make sure not to damage your wall in the slightest throughout the process. 

Experienced Professionals 

Our team here at Handy Squad, we’ve mounted essentially every kind of TV into every kind of wall. From apartments to mansions, Sony’s to Samsung’s and everything in between, if a TV and a wall exist, we’ve mounted the former onto the latter. That said, we treat every job as if it were a TV being mounted in our own home. That means we always exhibit the kind of care, caution, and attention to detail to every job as we would if this TV were being mounted in our own home. 

More Than Just a TV Mounting Service 

Mounting televisions is one of the more common reasons that folks call our handyman service, yes. However, it’s just part of what we’re able to provide to our customers. For example, many call us to mount their television and then decide to have us set up their home theater and install their soundbars as well. Then, they call us back to handle those small (yet critically important) handyman tasks, such as fixing drywalls, assembling furniture, and the like. To get an estimate and see how we can help, you can reach us at (323) 516-1423

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