tv mounting and installation

TV Mounting and Installation

img Did you recently buy a new television and want to make sure that it’s properly mounted? Are you worried about making certain that your TV hangs exactly as it should? The truth is that modern televisions are very powerful and technologically advanced, but they’re also complex and fragile, too. A TV that’s improperly mounted or installed isn’t just substandard, it can be a genuine health hazard. Really, reaching out to professional handymen for TV mounting and installation is a way of protecting your investment. We make sure that you can enjoy your TV exactly how you would like.

TVs We Can Install


The simple answer is that we can install it on any type of wall: concrete, brick, dry wall, tile; inside the house and outside the house (like on the patio). That said, there are some TVs that, often, we’re asked to mount and install more than others. For example, we install and mount many 3D televisions, HD, 4K, 8K, and any SIZE of TV – 30″, 50″, 75″ or even 83″, plasma televisions, even LED, OLED and QLED ones. Essentially, if you have a television that needs to be installed and mounted properly, our pros can take care of it.

From the most advanced cutting-edge 8K TVs to older, more heavy models, we make it so that you enjoy your TV how you would like. If you have your mount – great! if not, we can help you to choose and buy the correct one. Your Handysquad pros can also hide wires inside the wall for you– This typically makes the TV look more beautiful and de-cluttered if we hide the wires. Let us know the living room look you’re going for.

Need Speakers or Sound Bar Mounting and Installation? We’ve Got You Covered

If your needs include a full surround system, we can manage those jobs as well.  Turn your new electronics into the home theater system you’ve always dreamed of. We can also connect all cables on your sound bars or speakers, that way they sound just like they were designed. Do you have wi-fi devices, or wi-fi speakers? We can also make sure everything is connected and is communicating and working perfectly together (Sound Bar, Speakers, Amplifier, TV and other Wi-Fi home Accessories)

What Separates our TV Mounting and Installation Squad

Our mounting and installation are specifically designed to be safe, efficient, and quick. Not only are we fast and reliable, but we have the best tools, right for the job. We know that when it comes to having someone install and mount your tv, you don’t lack for options in Southern California. So, we do everything in our power to make sure that we get the job done right. Each of our handyman professionals have all of the proper insurance, so that you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing professionals handling your television. Moreover, we know what a responsibility it is to install your TV and we treat every television like it were our own.

What Our Services Can Include

Need an all-inclusive, pro-grade job? We also offer full home theater installation services. We don’t just bring your television in, put it on the wall, and call it a day. No, we can make certain that your entire TV room is exactly what you would take it to be. That means that we can make sure that there are no wires you have to worry about, cables under foot, or any of that nature. We can unpack your unit properly, and then find the best location in your property to hang it from. Then, we can install the wall brackets, wire it all up, tuck the wires away, and then do whatever else we have to so that you can enjoy your TV.

The Los Angeles Handyman Pros

Mounting and installing TVs are some of our most popular services. That said, they’re far from all that our handyman pros can offer. We can lift, mount, and hang just about anything you need to be done, up to and including hoisting items into your property as well. In addition to these “big” jobs, we also handle any “odd” jobs that you might need to be done as well. You can get a free estimate at our site or call us at (323) 516-1423.

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