Beyond TV Mounting in Los Angeles: Making the Right Connections

TV Mounting in Los Angeles

Are you looking forward to watching TV in your new place, but are worried about all of the wires? Do you know what you want to watch but aren’t sure how to set everything up? Here at the HandySquad, we offer a TV mounting in Los Angeles. This is what it sounds like: we come to your place and we’ll mount your television in a safe, efficient manner. However, we do so much more than just mount your television: we handle all of the connections, too.

TV Set Up

We can mount your television properly, yes. But, that’s far from all that we do. It’s not like we just put our TV up and then say: “have a nice day” on our way out the door. We know that there’s more to your TV than just putting it up on the wall. So, we can help you to connect all of the necessary wires, too. HDMI cables, power cords, and everything else: if there’s a wire, we can connect it to what it should be connected to.

TV Mounting in Los Angeles

Wires in the Right Places

Speaking of “wires,” there’s more to your TV’s wires than just making sure they’re connected. We can “hide” them, too. With as much foot traffic as your television is bound to get, the last thing you need are wires that someone could conceivably trip over. So, by hiding them properly, we make sure that you can use your TV for longer while keeping everyone in your home safe, too.

Apps and More

We’ve mounted your TV, we’ve connected the wires and hid them… but our job still isn’t done. No, if you need it, we can help you to connect all of your apps, too. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so forth – if you’re paying for them, we can help you to connect to them and get them running, too. There are a few things more frustrating than paying for a certain app and being unable to watch what you want. We can keep that from happening.

TV Mounting in Los Angeles

All of the above, of course, takes place after your television has been mounted. We have years of experience in mounting televisions the right way. When we arrive, we’ll install your TV where and how you want it to be installed. No matter what kind of television you have, from the most cutting-edge flat screen to something that’s stood the test of time, we can make sure it’s where you want it to be.

More Than Mounting Televisions

The above is just a part of what goes into mourning a television. Of course, we can do the same for your speakers and soundbar mounting as well. Really, at HandySquad, we can provide the kinds of maintenance tasks that make your house or other property really feel like yours. All of those so-called “little” tasks that you surely don’t want to deal with can be taken care of by us. To schedule with us, message us through our site or call (323) 516-1423.

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