How to Best Hide Cords and Other Tips from Our TV Mounting in Los Angeles

TV Mounting in Los Angeles

Did you just buy the television of your dreams and are wondering how to set it up? Do you want everything to be perfect so that you can enjoy your TV in style? The best TV, set up in your home – it’s like a dream. One of the few things that can make it a nightmare: is wires. Having them all over the place can run the gamut of anywhere from “unsightly” to a “tripping hazard”. Over the years, our TV mounting in Los Angeles experts has helped so many folks to have the entertainment set up that they want. Below are some tips for hiding your wires.

Zip Ties

The simplest solution may be the best and the least expensive: zip ties. Simply wrap any excess cords safely and then put a zip tie in the middle to keep them from touching the ground. Now, if you do this, you have to be careful about not moving your TV/soundbar/anything those cords are connected to without un-cinching the zip ties or you could have a problem. Solution: velcro zip ties. With those, moving, cinching, and uncinching is easy.

TV Mounting in Los Angeles

Hiding Wires Behind The Wall

Another solution is to hide the wires behind the wall. Our Handy Squad tech wizards can assist you in doing just that. This is one of the cleanest-looking solutions out of the bunch. Basically, we’ll make two cuts in the wall — one behind your TV and then another right next to your electrical outlet. We use special wall plates that cover those cuts, which makes it look like almost nothing is there. This is a very popular solution that one of our techs can get done as part of your TV Mounting Services.

Different Kinds of Cable Management Boxes

If you’re like so many, you do not want to have a whole bunch of cords coming out of a power strip on the floor where anyone can see them and/or trip over them. A possible solution: a cable management box. This is more or less what it sounds like: a plastic box that your power cords go into, complete with a lid. Another box-like alternative: a “wall cord raceway.” This box-like structure covers your cords vertically on the wall. It can be painted to match your wall so that it blends in.


Some folks may balk at the above suggestions, with the idea that they aren’t “personal,” that they may not fit their home’s aesthetic, etc. Should that be the case, you can come up with creative, decorative, fashionable, and fun ways to cover your wires. Perhaps hide them behind books or framed pictures. Little statues, sculptures, paintings, panelboards, and other options – there’s no limit to how you can hide your wires creatively. One thing: always make sure that, no matter how creative you get, you don’t block the sensor your remote needs to be able to control the TV/cable box/etc.

TV Mounting in Los Angeles Experts Who Can Help

The above are some of the ways that we have helped folks to hide their wires. You may have read the above and thought: “geez, I’m not sure any of that’s the right option for me.” Perfectly understandable! Those are just some of the reasons that, here at HandySquad, we provide complete TV mounting and setup services. Sure, we can mount your television in the right place properly, safely, and quickly. After that, we can hide your wires in a safe, fashionable way, and so much more. To see what we offer or talk to our pros, visit our site or call (323) 516-1423.

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